Since 1974, there have been nearly 200 Cowabunga Safari Groups. COWABUNGA ALUMNI – you are the heart and soul of Cowabunga Safaris. This page is dedicated to your friendship, and to the fond memories we have been fortunate to share with you in Africa and elsewhere.

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COWABUNGA ALUMNI, together with Cowabunga Friends (those, like Cowabunga Alumni, who possess a strong interest in Africa, wildlife, and/or going on safari, but as of yet have been unable to get to Africa on a Cowabunga Safari), form a body of sincere and dedicated people with a strong commitment to conservation and education. They provide many hours of volunteer service presenting programs, and assisting in the Cowabunga offices in Topeka, Kansas and Clarinda, Iowa (i.e., “Main Camp” and “The Fly-camp,” respectively). Volunteers who watch Main Camp, answer the phones, handle inquiries, etcetera while Gary, Nancy and Brian are away hold a special title; they are affectionately referred to as “STAR GUARDS.”

COWABUNGA ALUMNI and Cowabunga Friends have contributed a wide variety of books, journals, videos, maps and artifacts to the Cowabunga Safaris educational resource collection. These materials are available for reference or on loan to students and interested parties. Alumni have taped many of the videos while in Africa on safari.

Some COWABUNGA ALUMNI date back to the first Cowabunga safari in 1974. A number of them have been on nearly a dozen Cowabunga safaris. Their ages on safari have ranged from seven to 88. All understand and appreciate The Cowabunga Philosophy:

• A Safari should be the most memorable travel experience of a person’s life.
• A Safari is not just facts and photos. It should provide the individual with a greater understanding and appreciation of wildlife and our natural world, and of the peoples and cultures of Africa.

Have you migrated? Please let us know your new address. We mail your JUST NOW NEWS Cowabunga newsletter by bulk rate, and it cannot be forwarded. Drop us a line at

Do you want to meet up with other fun-loving Afrophiles and Safari Junkies? The informal “Cowabunga Square Table Gang” meets every Wednesday at noon at Bagel Express, 2830 Fairlawn Road, in Topeka, Kansas.


We should have nearly 200 Cowabunga groups listed on this page from over thirty years of safaris. If your group is missing, or if you have a better picture (especially a digital one), please contact us at

Please send images at 72 dpi no larger than 300k per image.


The Cowabunga website was designed and developed by Cowabunga alum Pete Zambory. In June of 2001, Pete took part in a classic Tanzanian safari then successfully summited Mt. Kilimanjaro. Soon after his return he was commissioned to develop our website. After spending the last 5 months locked in our basement eating only corn meal porridge and listening to The Sunset Survivors we are proud to release him back into the wild having done a "supa" job on our site.

To hear about this and other adventurous tales of web design email Pete at:

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