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Alumni > Tanzania

Since 1974, there have been nearly 200 Cowabunga Safari Groups. COWABUNGA ALUMNI – you are the heart and soul of Cowabunga Safaris. This page is dedicated to your friendship, and to the fond memories we have been fortunate to share with you in Africa and elsewhere.

Tanzania Alumni Photos:

Tanzania Jun. 1997

Tanzania Feb. 1998

Tanzania Jun. 1998

Tanzania Oct. 1998

Tanzania Feb. 1999

Tanzania Jun. 1999

Tanzania Sept. 1999

Tanzania Feb. 2000

Tanzania Feb. 2000

Tanzania Jun. 2000

Tanzania Feb. 2001

Tanzania Feb. 2001

Tanzania Feb. 2001

Tanzania Jun. 2001

Tanzania Jul. 2001
Tanzania Jun. 2004

Do you want to meet up with other fun-loving Afrophiles and Safari Junkies? The informal “Cowabunga Square Table Gang” meets every Wednesday at noon at Bagel Express, 2830 Fairlawn Road, in Topeka, Kansas.


We should have nearly 200 Cowabunga groups listed on this page from over thirty years of safaris. If your group is missing, or if you have a better picture (especially a digital one), please contact us at info@cowabungasafaris.com.

Please send images at 72 dpi no larger than 300k per image.



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