Since 1974, our goal has been to make your safari the single-most memorable travel experience of your life. Below is a sampling of our upcoming safaris. Free itineraries are available on request at no obligation. Call, write, fax, visit our offices, or e-mail us

Gary's Scheduled Safaris

Brian's Scheduled Safaris
TANZANIA 2020: Serengeti to Zanzibar (full)

TANZANIA & ZIMBABWE 2021: From Kilimanjaro to the Zambezi (dates/details TBD)


The safaris above are our set departures. They are only a sampling of where we can go or what we can do. The following “sample safari links” might give you additional ideas…




South Africa






Since 1974, we at Cowabunga Safaris have done many, many kinds and variations of safaris for clients nearly everywhere in Southern and East Africa. Additionally, Gary and Brian have made valuable friends and contacts throughout much of the rest of the continent after their own individual explorations - to Timbuktu, The Congo, Senegal, Mozambique, Ethiopia, Egypt... These safaris are our set departures. They are only a sampling of where we can go or what we can do.

If you have a different safari in mind, wish to stay longer, or want to travel to other parts of the continent, tell us. We can make it happen.


If you’re serious about going on safari, don’t put it off.
Do it now.
Life is so uncertain.
Everything changes: world politics, personal finances, age, health, airfares.
Some of life’s greatest regrets are missed opportunities.
Don’t wait until outside factors prevent your going.
Get your passport.
Make your reservation.
Do your reading.
Go. Now.
Before all those tomorrows slip into never.
Preserve, forever, a piece of Africa in your heart.

-- Gary K. Clarke

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