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HEY MISTER – YOUR ALLIGATOR’S LOOSE! A lifetime of Intimate Animal Adventures
by Gary K. Clarke

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$29.95 each

Hey Mister – Your Alligator’s Loose! details Gary Clarke’s lifelong passion for animals and chronicles his extraordinary career in the world of zoos. Share adventures with pink porpoises and a misunderstood octopus, baby orangutans after hours, a ghost-like white tiger, the impossible somersaulting giraffe, gorillas vs. glass tunnels, and the gnus – “Weather” and “Sports.” Experience vicariously a terrifying tapir attack, the importance of polar bear poop, a near fatal rattlesnake bite, and the trials and tribulations of a Tropical Rain Forest… in Kansas! Meet ‘Peka-Sue, the hesitant hippo; Sunflower, the first giraffe born in Kansas; Max and Tiffany, celebrated gorilla stars; Schroeder, a jet-setting alligator; Djakarta Jim, a prize-winning ape artist; and K’Bluey, the koala on loan from San Diego. This book is an engaging, enlightening and humorous read for everyone enchanted with the animal kingdom. It is an insightful guide to enhancing your future zoo visits, and an essential resource for a greater understanding and appreciation of animal life.

(Full-colour Africa Logo)
Light Khaki, Sand, Olive
$17.00 each

by Mark Nolting
$16.95 each

African Safari Journal is the revised and greatly expanded 4th Edition by Mark Nolting with illustrations by Duncan Bucthart, the noted South African artist. The 288-page Journal includes a Wildlife/Botany Guide (over 175 illustrations), a language guide, a trip organizer, a safari directory, over 50 maps of African countries, parks and reserves, journal pages for your personal dairy, and the all important checklist for recording your sightings of mammal, birds, reptiles, and trees.

I’D RATHER BE ON SAFARI: Adventures and Reflections from Over 100 Safaris
by Gary K. Clarke

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(Topeka, Kansas: Baranski Publishing Company, 2002. 216 pp. Maps. Illustrations. Glossary. Hardback. Full-colour dustjacket.)
$26.95 each

Gary says: “(My) book is not a ‘continuous story.’ I realize now that I have been writing it for quite some time – probably since my first Safari in 1974. I’ve maintained a Journal from each Safari, so the book is a collection of vignettes from various journeys as well as thoughts and philosophies about wildlife and Safaris in Africa. I think the book will have particular significance to those who have been on Safari. It also should appeal to those who have dreamed of going on Safari. The book is more than just wildlife stories. I’ve tried to convey my feelings for Africa…”

Set of 8 cards (4 scenes)
$10.00 pack

Gary’s note cards depict select scenes from some of his safaris, photographed in Zimbabwe, Kenya, Namibia and Tanzania. They make excellent gifts, particularly those who need a small thank you during the holiday season.

The United States, South Africa and Africa:
by Brian J. Hesse

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(Aldershot, England; Burlington, USA; Singapore; Sydney: Ashgate Publishers, August 2001. xvi + 238 pp. Figures. Illustrations. Notes. Select Bibliography. Index. Hardback.)
Book available at Amazon.com, Ashgate.com, BN.com, etc.

The United States is a global superpower at the heart of the international system; South Africa is a regional hegemon on a peripheral continent. Yet, despite the US and South Africa's disparate positions in the international order, in this book Dr. Brian J. Hesse makes the claim that the foreign policies of each toward Africa in the 1990s evolved comparably, ultimately becoming strikingly similar near the end of the decade.
A central feature of this comparable evolution and eventual congruence, he
argues, is the correlation between "grand foreign policy aims" - the overarching tenets and doctrines which prevailed in US and South African foreign policies toward Africa - and "modest means" - the limited availability or limited utilization of resources.


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